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Good to know

< > This indicates a REQUIRED argument.
[ ] This indicates an OPTIONAL argument.

Commands highlighted in gold are part of Taka Premium.


help Shows this help message.
info Display some basic info about Taka.
server Gives you info about the server.
user [ @member ] Gives you info about your (or someone else's) Discord account.
avatar [ @member ] Sends yours or someone else's avatar in the chat.
translate [ content ] Translate text into another language. Reply to a message to translate its content.
weather < location > Get the current weather for a specified place.
profile [ user ] Get info about a user from
support Get a link to the support server.
invite Get a link to invite me to your own server.


thank < @member > Very cool!
poll < "question" > < options > Creates a poll for others to vote on.
dog Sends a random photo of a dog from the Dog API.
cat Sends a random photo of a cat from the Cat API.


play Plays music. You can search for a song, paste its link, or add a playlist.
pause Pauses the music.
resume Resumes music if it is paused.
stop Stops playing, clears the queue, and disconnects from the voice channel.
skip Skip a song.
lyrics [ song ] Get the lyrics for the current song, or any other song.
prev Play again the previous song.
seek < time > Seeks the track to the exact time you provided.
rewind < time > Rewinds the track by the time you provided.
restart Restart the current song.
queue [ clear ] Shows this guilds queue or clears it.
repeat Repeat a song or queue.
playnow Plays a song straight away.
shuffle Shuffles the queue.
remove < number > Removes the numbered item from the queue
np Gets the info of the currently playing song.
playat < number > Skips to that number in the queue.
move < queue number > < new position > Moves the specified song to a new position in the queue.
search < search string > Search for a song.
playlist Use Taka's custom Playlist system. See help playlist for more.


unscramble Work out the hidden word from an assortment of jumbled letters.
hangman Find a word letter by letter without getting too many wrong.
animequiz Guess an anime title based on its opening song (played in a voice channel).
trivia [ multiplayer/party ] Why not test yourself and see who is the smartest in the server?
genshin Information for many characters and weapons in Genshin Impact.


kick < @member > [ reason ] Kicks a member from the server.
ban < @member > [ reason ] Bans a member from the server.
forceban < user ID> [ reason ] Forcefully bans a user from the server.
mute < @member > [ reason ] Times a member out for the max duration (28 days).
timeout < @member > [ time ] [ reason ] Times a member out.
unmute < @member > [ reason ] Removes a timeout from a member.
clear < number > Deletes a number of messages.
slowmode < time > Set/reset the slowmode timer in a channel.
blacklist < show/add/remove > Manage the word filter. Use blacklist help for more info.
autoban add/remove < word or phrase > Members whose names contain the specified phrase will be automatically banned.
autoban list Show you the phrases that will cause an autoban.


remind < time > [ reminder content ] Reminds you of something.
reminders View and manage your reminders.
deletereminder < number > Delete the numbered reminder.


rank [ @member ] Check the rank, level and XP of members.
top [ page number ] View this guild's leaderboard.
levelroles Show the message detailing how to use Level Roles
deleterank < user > Remove a user's score from the leaderboard.
xp < allow/block> [ #channel-name ] Allow/block a channel from gaining XP, or see the current block list.
[NEW] convert Transfer your MEE6 leaderboard and level role rewards to Taka.


join < role name > Joins a role.
leave < role name > Leaves a role.
roles Shows you a list of assignable roles.
role < add/remove > < role name > Allows a role to be self-assignable (a 'self role').
autorole Manage this guilds autoroles. Use help autorole.
buttonrole new Set up button roles.
buttonrole manage Manage button roles in the guild.


tag create < name > [ content ] Create a tag. When creating a tag, you may also upload an attachment.
tag delete < name > Delete a tag and its corresponding image if any.
tag edit < name > < new content > Edit a tag's content.
tag nsfw < name> < true/false > Set a tag's NSFW status (can only be used in NSFW channels).
tag alias < name > < alias > Create or remove an alias from a tag.
tag transfer < name > < @new owner > Transfer ownership of a tag.
tag info < name > Get info for a tag.
tags < @user > Get a list of tags owned by a specific user.

Use help tags for more info on tags or join our support server.

Join the server.


daily Get your daily credits.
balance Check how many credits you have.
gift < member > < amount > Gift people credits.
coinflip < wager > Flip a coin. Will you win big or lose it all?


giveaway Create a giveaway. I will guide you through the process.
reroll < message ID > Reroll a giveaway to select a new winner.


starboard Use settings starboard to see how to use the starboard.

claim Claim your 20 bonus credits for voting for me on
vote Get a link to vote for me on


coronavirus [ country ] [ state/province ] Get the current up-to-date Coronavirus stats for any country, state or province.
coronavirushistory [ country ] [ state/province ] Get the past 15 days of Coronavirus history for a country, state, province or globally.
coronavirusleaderboard [ sort method ] See the top 15 countries sorted by number of cases, deaths and more.
coronavirusgraph [ country ] [ state/province ] Get a nice looking graph showing the rate of infection.


settings [ part [ value ] ] Shows you the available settings and allows you to change them